Brilliant Minds of Black Men: Book Anthology Project

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The narrative of Black men in America is one that has been told from the lens of numerous views often omitting the important view of the subject at hand. Statistical information gathered allows the support of inferiority theory of Black men and a dismissive permission to continue to silence their brilliance. It is this erroneous bias that perpetuates the continued efforts to displace the soul, spirit, and physical person of the Black man in America.

A culture where it is acceptable to build prisons to house our young Black men rather than build schools and build opportunities for employment further supports the biases to displace and ultimately destroy the character of our young Black men. The alarming rate of young Black men and women lives cut down from urban violence is a systemic byproduct of a perpetuation of hopelessness. Coupled with blatant police brutality as noted with a Black man pinned to the ground by a white officer while witnesses watched in unbelief the horrific disregard for this man’s life as he cried out for help creates trauma to our souls. My 80-year-old dad once again watched with the world the brutality of black men at the hands of white men.

We are forever grateful to that teenage woman who pulled out her camera and captured this horrific modern-day lynching for the world to see. We watched, and trauma marked our souls once again. Hopelessness took a seat at our dining room tables. Parents tried to figure out how to explain this evil to their children in a way that would allow them to process the gravity of their frail existence. The guidelines for how to make it home alive as a Black person in America had failed.

…another wound on our souls.

Our healing is forever delayed by White supremacists freely executing Black people in a church or grocery store and live to be celebrated. Live to have a meal. Just live.  Yet, it is another incorrigible stain on the soul of Black people. The urban disparities from a lack of educational opportunities, violence, and poverty plague our communities and engulf the next generation.

The narratives of Black men require our attention, and I believe that they have something to say that will impact generations to come. When asked about “my why” for this book project, it was simple:  Black men needed a voice. Beneath the statics, the pain and the injustices, Black men needed a place to breathe. I believe in the power of the pen, and I believe in the legacy that is left behind in the writing and publishing of our voices and our stories.

Therefore, I am honored that these brilliant men took the time and space to dig deep within and serve a slice of their innermost reflective thoughts, pain, and victories. In this compilation of stories, you will find wisdom in each page. You will find the soul of a Black man poured out in transparency. You will find solutions for our pain and healing for our wounds. I, Dr. Monique Flemings, am privileged as the visionary author to provide Brilliant Minds of Black Men, an anthology book project. Enjoy the journey!

pre-sales books will be mailed during the week of July 18th .

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Brilliant Minds of Black Men: Book Anthology Project

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